• General Advisory

SIRIUS provides companies with an array of general advisory services, including a review of strategic alternatives and other short- and long-term programs to help enhance shareholder value. During our evaluation, we may review a company’s:

    • Portfolio of businesses;
    • Capital structure;
    • Dividend policy;
    • Strategic alternatives;
    • Other related issues.


  • Project development / implementation

Sirius will assist clients design and properly structure projects in order to attract the necessary resources and funding for the implementation phase of their projects.

Our experience of the capital markets guides us in defining a fund raising strategy that adapts to the structure of our clients’ project. We originate funding opportunities from our network of financial partners, which consists of international private equity funds, investment banks and individual investors.


  • Investment Consultancy

With their long experiences in doing business in Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, etc. the founders of SIRIUS have developed strong political and business connections in West Africa.

Such an invaluable asset can be made available to governments, public organizations or private enterprises needing the appropriate contacts to establish companies or business relationships in any of those countries. Such relationships might include:

    • provide the required assistance to set up the company;
    • identifying and meeting with buyers or suppliers;
    • connecting with banks to structure financial arrangements;
    • Selecting the best service providers in areas such as politics, construction, logging, commodities trade, credit support services, accounting and auditing, law, etc.
    • Identify the legal requirements in doing business in the country; etc.

SIRIUS can also conduct feasibility studies, prepare and assist in implementing well suited business plans for its clients under this service.


In case of projects financing, SIRIUS could, under an Investment Consultancy Agreement, provide to the financiers the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of projects performance report on a regular (set) basis.

The assistance under the investment consultancy contract includes strategic planning based on a thorough analysis of the tasks to be performed in order to make sound decisions that will help SIRIUS’s clients achieve their goals.